Download App

Download full source code of the app and import the project in Android Studio.

Setup Firebase

Connect your firebase account to the app in order to enable firebase NoSql database.


Add your AdMob ID and banner id details to the specified elements found in the docs.

Add, View, Update patients on the fly.

Keep track of your patients' data.

Managing patient’s data has never been so easy. With Patient and Schedule Manager you can add patient related data like personal details, insurance details and much more in an easy and comprehensive way.

Keep track of your schedule.

Add your appointments and shifts easily.

Shifts and Appointments can be easily viewed from a well integrated CalendarView. Days that are populated with shifts and/or appointments will be displayed with different colors.

Add and View patient medical records.

Keep track of your patients' medical records.

Add and view patient’s daily status and medicines from an easy to use interface. Patient’s clinical related data are stored in a by-day way in order to monitor patient’s health easily.

Address book.

Patient and Schedule manager is also an address book.

Whether it is a shift related address or an address that is related to a patient, you can easily add it fast by using Google’s location services. This way you will always know where exactly is your next shift or appointment!

Unique Features

  • Manage Patients

    Add, Edit, Delete Patients

    Add Patient Diagnoses and

    Clinical related data

  • Appointments/Shifts

    Appointments and shifts

    can now be added and updated by

    using separate easy to use forms.

  • Schedule

    You can view your monthly schedule

    efficiently by selecting the Calendar.

    Get directions to your next shift and appointment!

  • Easy to translate

    Just open strings.xml file

    located in “values” folder and change

    the string values accordingly.

  • Storage

    Your data are stored and

    synchronized by Firebase tools

    and NoSql database.

  • Monitor

    Monitor your users and app

    by using powerful Google’s Firebase

    tools and services.

  • Monetize

    AdMob is integreated

    in the app so the only thing you

    have to do is to add your AdMob account details.

  • Extend

    Import the project

    in Android Studio and start

    implementing your features!


Try out the demo

There is only one demo account for every user so please use wisely. Some features do not work for the demo app.